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If you are a digital nomad, remote worker, company owner, professional or retiree who wants a different environment for life and work, Like a Bird Migration Services can help you relocate to Montenegro.

We are your reliable one-stop partner in making Montenegro your new home or office.


Montenegro News in English

Stay up to date with relevant news from Montenegro in English. Read about business conditions, economy, policy, visa regime, new laws, events, and more.

Digital Nomad Visa and Residence in Montenegro

Find out about the digital nomad visa and residency in Montenegro. Read all the details on how to apply and what documents do you need.

Public Procurement Tender for the Highway in Montenegro

New public procurement tender in Montenegro for the conceptual design of a new highway section from Andrijevica to Boljare.

New Property Transfer Tax Rates in Montenegro Explained

Full guide about the property transfer tax in Montenegro, with explanation about the rates, how and when they are applied, are there any exceptions, etc.

Russia Suspends Tax Treaties with Montenegro and Others

According to the Russian media, last week Russian President, Vladimir Putin signed an executive...

What to Visit in Montenegro (Part One)

How many countries do you know that are home to five national parks, have a fifth of their...

who are we?

Like a Bird Migration Services

We are a boutique migration consulting company dedicated to making Montenegro your new home and office. We believe all people can be free as birds to choose their place of living and doing business. And we are here to make your migration to Montenegro easier. We are equally dedicated to each client and all our services are customized based on your needs.

Likeabird Our Digital Migration Services

Welcome to Montenegro

Customized Consulting for Modern Nomads

We are offering a wide range of services for digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, retirees and investors. Residence visa and permit advisory, working permit advisory and bank account opening are some of the individual administrative services we offer. We also provide a One-stop company incorporation service, including legal, accounting and tax advisory services, as well as providing nominal address, CEO and office space if needed.

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Free Consultation

Let us help you create your relocation plan with a free initial consultation with our agents. Choose one of our packages or create your own.

Get around

One-Stop Service

Sit back and let us take care of your residence permit, company registration and other administrative work. Focus on getting to know Montenegro.  

Set up

Choose a Property Online

Our agents will help you choose your preferred accommodation in Montenegro, all without having to visit in advance. We take care of documentation also.

Our Services

Resident and Working Permits

We provide full service for your relocation to Montenegro:

  • Resident and working permits
  • Digital nomad residence
  • Resident permits for property owners
  • Permanent residence

Company          Registration

We are your one-stop shop for company registration in Montenegro:

  • LLC registration
  • Preparation of founding documents
  • Bank account opening
  • Virtual office address and CEO registration

Accounting and Corporate Services

With our partners we provide a full set of accounting and corporate services:

  • Accounting
  • Mandatory monthly and yearly tax filing
  • Workers’ registration
  • Tax advisory

Remote Operations and Centers Set Up

Decrease your expenses by setting up remote operations in Montenegro:

  • Customer support centers
  • Dispatch centers
  • Call centers
  • IT development centers with skilful local worforce

Corporate Remote Work Retreats

Set up a corporate remote work retreat in Montenegro for your team:

  • Choose a coastal or mountain retreat
  • Customize your teams’ experience
  • Work in beautiful surroundings
  • Unique team-building experience

Long-Term Accommodation Rentals

Depending on your preference, we are offering short and long-term rentals:

  • Apartments
  • Houses with backyards
  • Long-term hotel accommodation
  • Select your property remotely via video service

Virtual and Real Office Rent

We are offering a vast choice of offices and co-working spaces:

  • Virtual office address
  • Co-working spaces
  • Fully equipped office spaces of various sizes
  • Conference and meeting venues

Montenegro Tours and Exploring

We are offering various tours to explore and get to know Montenegro:

  • Sightseeing
  • Active tours – hiking, biking, canyoning, sailing, etc.
  • Wining and dining
  • Travel companions

Long-Term                    Rent-a-Car

You can count on us to offer you long-term vehicle rent:

  • Bikes
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Various cars, depending on your preferences
  • Vans and minivans

Relevant Information About Montenegro

You are not sure about relocating to Montenegro or how to do it? Find relevant information about the visa regime, embassies of Montenegro closest to you, or the embassy of your country in Montenegro. See which are the most frequently asked questions about Montenegro and learn about life in Montenegro in general.

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Visa Regime

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Montenegro Embassies

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Embassies in Montenegro

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Montenegro Residence

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Doing Business

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We are preparing your Montenegro Directory for everything you might need.

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