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About Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful small seaside mountainous country in the Mediterranean. Called “The Pearl of South Europe”, we became an independent state in 2006. Montenegro is only up to two hours flight from European capitals with good connections to main European travel and connection hubs such as Paris, London, Frankfurt, Istanbul, and Moscow.

Montenegro is known for its easygoing lifestyle, even in Podgorica, which is the main administrative center of the country. The main indicator of such a lifestyle is the number of cafes and restaurants in every city. Taking it easy, relaxing, and doing business over coffee or a glass of wine or rakija is one of the trademarks of our country. People are very friendly to foreigners and are ready to help. When it comes to foreign languages, young generations mostly speak English, but Russian, French, Italian, and German are also common. The country is stable and safe, with low crime rates and peaceful streets. Traffic can be congested during the summer season on the coast and during daily rush hour in Podgorica. But then again, Montenegro is a small country and so is every city in it, so even our traffic jams will not take too much of your time.

It is very easy to get around, with a lot of information online. Besides our staff and partners, there are local tourist boards in every city that can help with some information.

Do you want to know more?

We divided our Montenegro page in three sections, so if you don’t know much about our country, you can read about Montenegro Basics. If you want to know about living in our country, read about Life in Montenegro. And if you are thinking about starting a business here, learn about Doing Business in Montenegro.

In addition, feel free to check out Frequently asked questions about Montenegro.

Montenegro Basics

Find out the basic information about our country, such as visa regime, flight schedule and border crossings. You can also find the contact list of Montenegrin embassies as well as foreign diplomatic representations in our country.

Life in Montenegro

Read about life in Montenegro – the cost of living, climate, accommodation, food, and drinks. Learn more about our culture, education and recreation possibilities, administration and health and insurance system, and costs.

Doing Business in Montenegro

If you are interested in doing business in Montenegro, read a detailed overview of our tax system and business environment. Learn about starting, keeping, or closing a business, employing workers, and buying a property.

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    Our Services

    Resident and Working Permits

    We provide full service for your relocation to Montenegro:

    • Resident and working permits
    • Digital nomad residence
    • Resident permits for property owners
    • Permanent residence

    Company          Registration

    We are your one-stop shop for company registration in Montenegro:

    • LLC registration
    • Preparation of founding documents
    • Bank account opening
    • Virtual office address and CEO registration

    Accounting and Corporate Services

    With our partners we provide a full set of accounting and corporate services:

    • Accounting
    • Mandatory monthly and yearly tax filing
    • Workers’ registration
    • Tax advisory

    Remote Operations and Centers Set Up

    Decrease your expenses by setting up remote operations in Montenegro:

    • Customer support centers
    • Dispatch centers
    • Call centers
    • IT development centers with skilful local worforce

    Corporate Remote Work Retreats

    Set up a corporate remote work retreat in Montenegro for your team:

    • Choose a coastal or mountain retreat
    • Customize your teams’ experience
    • Work in beautiful surroundings
    • Unique team-building experience

    Long-Term Accommodation Rentals

    Depending on your preference, we are offering short and long-term rentals:

    • Apartments
    • Houses with backyards
    • Long-term hotel accommodation
    • Select your property remotely via video service

    Virtual and Real Office Rent

    We are offering a vast choice of offices and co-working spaces:

    • Virtual office address
    • Co-working spaces
    • Fully equipped office spaces of various sizes
    • Conference and meeting venues

    Montenegro Tours and Exploring

    We are offering various tours to explore and get to know Montenegro:

    • Sightseeing
    • Active tours – hiking, biking, canyoning, sailing, etc.
    • Wining and dining
    • Travel companions

    Long-Term                    Rent-a-Car

    You can count on us to offer you long-term vehicle rent:

    • Bikes
    • Motorbikes and scooters
    • Various cars, depending on your preferences
    • Vans and minivans