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Russia Suspends Tax Treaties with Montenegro and Others

According to the Russian media, last week Russian President, Vladimir Putin signed an executive...

Cost of Living in Montenegro in 2023

Read about the cost of living in Montenegro and find out why living here may be cheaper than in European or US hubs and large cities.

Vehicles with Russian and Belarusian License Plates to Have Insurance in Montenegro

Starting from 30 June 2023, all vehicles with Russian and Belarusian license plates will have to...

Changes to the Visa Regime for UAE Residence Holders

In January 2023, the Government of Montenegro adopted the changes to the visa regime, by which it canceled the possibility for UAE residence permit holders to visit our country visa-free.

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Montenegro Introduces Digital Nomad Visa and Residency

Montenegro Introduces Digital Nomad Visa and Residency

The residence permit for digital nomads is granted for two years (one year longer than the regular employment-based residence). In addition, it can be extended for another two years at maximum. This means that as a digital nomad, you can spend up to four years in Montenegro.

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What are You Still Doing in the USA?

What are You Still Doing in the USA?

Therefore, my question for that “third of Americans making $250,000 and living paycheck-to-paycheck” is not “How did that happen to you?”, but rather “What are you still doing there?”

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