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Montenegro Tours

Take a tour around Montenegro

Whatever your reason to visit or stay in Montenegro may be, you definitely need to explore our beautiful country. Although small, Montenegro has a lot to offer, and a couple of days to see everything that is worth seeing is not enough. Stunning nature, or Wild Beauty, as our tourist slogan says, is the first association about Montenegro. Mountains, lakes, rivers and national parks will amaze you. Montenegro has a rich history, and medieval towns, fortresses and churches are common throughout the country.

Explore Montenegro with us

So, you can choose to have one of the various outdoor tours, which may include sightseeing, hiking, biking or sailing. During the summer months, kayaking and canyoning are also available options. For every tour we organize, we are offering you the service of professional guides, as well as transportation and equipment rental if needed.

In addition, if you are thinking about relocating to Montenegro for some time but you are not sure about it, we are offering you our special “Get to Know Montenegro” tours. This offer is specially designed for digital nomads, remote workers, retirees or people who are thinking about starting a business in Montenegro.

Since we are always working according to the needs of our clients, you can customize every tour we offer according to your preferences. Or, we can create a completely new tour or experience for you.

Check out our tours below or contact us to customize your tour.

    Do You Need Other Services?

    Resident and Working Permits

    We provide full service for your relocation to Montenegro:

    • Resident and working permits
    • Digital nomad residence
    • Resident permits for property owners
    • Permanent residence

    Company          Registration

    We are your one-stop shop for company registration in Montenegro:

    • LLC registration
    • Preparation of founding documents
    • Bank account opening
    • Virtual office address and CEO registration

    Accounting and Corporate Services

    With our partners we provide a full set of accounting and corporate services:

    • Accounting
    • Mandatory monthly and yearly tax filing
    • Workers’ registration
    • Tax advisory

    Remote Operations and Centers Set Up

    Decrease your expenses by setting up remote operations in Montenegro:

    • Customer support centers
    • Dispatch centers
    • Call centers
    • IT development centers with skilful local worforce

    Corporate Remote Work Retreats

    Set up a corporate remote work retreat in Montenegro for your team:

    • Choose a coastal or mountain retreat
    • Customize your teams’ experience
    • Work in beautiful surroundings
    • Unique team-building experience

    Long-Term Accommodation Rentals

    Depending on your preference, we are offering short and long-term rentals:

    • Apartments
    • Houses with backyards
    • Long-term hotel accommodation
    • Select your property remotely via video service

    Virtual and Real Office Rent

    We are offering a vast choice of offices and co-working spaces:

    • Virtual office address
    • Co-working spaces
    • Fully equipped office spaces of various sizes
    • Conference and meeting venues

    Montenegro Tours and Exploring

    We are offering various tours to explore and get to know Montenegro:

    • Sightseeing
    • Active tours – hiking, biking, canyoning, sailing, etc.
    • Wining and dining
    • Travel companions

    Long-Term                    Rent-a-Car

    You can count on us to offer you long-term vehicle rent:

    • Bikes
    • Motorbikes and scooters
    • Various cars, depending on your preferences
    • Vans and minivans

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