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Public Procurement Tender for the Highway in Montenegro
Written by Marko Mirović

February 2, 2024

highways in montenegro

As Montenegro makes another effort to continue building the highway, Monteput d.o.o., the Government-owned company announced a public procurement tender for the conceptual design of the Andrijevica – Berane – Boljare section of the highway.

This section is around 50km long, and as the Monteput officials said, it’s one of the most important sections of the highway for joining Montenegro to TEM (Trans-European Motorways) through the final Belgrade-South Adriatic part of this corridor.

According to the public tender, the designer has to make the conceptual design which, by its content, scope, technical solutions, and details can provide all necessary information and conditions for all works on this section. It also needs to contain information about the procurement and installation of equipment, test work, and functional examinations.

Monteput also emphasized that the designer must consider the documentation that has already been done: the conceptual design of the Mateševo – Andrijevica section and the conceptual solution of the Andrijevica – Berane – Boljare section.

Per the tender, the said documentation will be available to the chosen designer during the work on the project. The conceptual design represents the further elaboration of the conceptual solution within the requests, comments, and recommendations of the Project audit commission, which will also be available to the designer.

Additionally, the project approach must be multidisciplinary and consider all economic, spatial, ecology, and other construction impacts. The priority will be to integrate modern technologies and systems compatible with the already built Smokovac – Mateševo highway section.


The Tender

The public procurement tender is open from 31 January 2024 and the offers can be submitted until 18 March 2024 at 11:00. At the same time, the offers will be opened.

The contract value is around €5,000,000, and the best bidder will be chosen by the price and other factors such as experience, references, etc.

Here is the tender summary:

  • Investor: Monteput d.o.o.
  • Contract value: €5,000,000;
  • The tender is open from: 31.01.2024.
  • Bid submission deadline: 18.03.2024.
  • Bid validity: 120 days from opening the bids;
  • Bid guarantee: non-conditional bank guarantee of 2% of the contract value;
  • Work deadline: 14 months from contract signing;
  • Payments: 10% advance, the rest by various situations;
  • Basic requirements for applicant companies: relevant proven experience of the company and lead licensed engineers in the construction and engineering of roads and road infrastructure, as well as proven experience in complex engineering projects and other technical and workforce requirements.

For all the details of the tender, you can visit this page or contact Monteput d.o.o.

If you need help with understanding of the tender procedures in Montenegro or help with the documentation, feel free to contact us

highways in montenegro

The Highway(s) in Montenegro

The Montenegro highway, or at least the 40km built so far, is (in)famous for many reasons, from latency to the concern of different “Western partners” because it was built by a Chinese company. For us as a country that makes a living from tourism, this highway, together with other road infrastructure improvements was and still is a necessity. Yes, it may be costly to build through the mountains and yes, it may be overpriced. But a serious country with two airports and incoming tourists per year that exceeds the number of citizens by 3-4 times needs good road infrastructure. It all goes very very slowly, but at least steps are made in a forward direction.

Eventually, the highway will connect the city of Bar with Boljare, a place at the border with Serbia, where it will further connect to Belgrade through the Serbian highway. This will be a huge boost for the economy, and not just because of tourism. The city of Bar has a cargo port and it will have a better position within international shipping. For now, it’s an asset that is not using its full potential as a port in the Adriatic Sea.

Furthermore, for years Montenegro has been planning the Adriatic-Ionian highway route that should connect us with Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and further through Albania, with Greece. This project is not near the start yet, but the officials have been talking about it for years, maybe even decades. Finally, the new spatial plan of Montenegro will contain this highway, at least in plans. And we’ll hope that the project will move forward in the near future.

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