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Set Up Your Operations in Montenegro

Set up (part of) your operations in Montenegro

Montenegro is a great destination to set up a part of your business operations, such as call and dispatch centers, or remote offices for your team. Besides low taxes and a simple company setup process, Montenegro can offer other benefits for your business. For instance, the costs for office rent and high-speed internet connection are much lower than in various western or eastern business hubs. In addition, average salaries are also lower in Montenegro, but we still have a very skillful workforce, including IT experts.

Therefore, in a world where remote work is becoming a standard, setting up your remote operations to decrease business costs has significant value.

How can we help you set up your business operations in Montenegro?

Besides company registration services, Like a Bird offers possibilities for setting up your operations in Montenegro. Our services include sourcing local talent, setting up your offices and equipment, preparing the relocation of your team members. In addition, we are offering you One-stop services for setting up call and dispatch centers, including performance and data management. Our team and trusted partners will help you every step of the way.

    Set up customer support and dispatch centers

    In Montenegro, you can set up your customer support call center at a low cost. Our offer packages include office rent, equipment purchase and set up, as well as sourcing local employees as operators. We also have reliable partners who provide high-speed internet connections and phone options needed for the call or dispatch centers. Your operation can be set up in two to three months. In addition, we are offering you an option for call center management by experienced local professionals who have international experience.

      Set up your IT development center

      As many companies are seeing the potential to form their IT development centers in the Balkans, Montenegro is no exception. Most importantly, Montenegro has very skillful IT experts in various fields. Front and back end developers, full-stack developers, IT infrastructure developers, and other profiles are available. Moreover, there are constant public and private education possibilities, so Montenegro is producing more and more IT experts every year. Although expected salaries in this sector are far above Montenegrin average, they are still lower than IT hubs in big eastern and western cities. Besides business and office setup, Like a Bird can help you source local top talent.

        How to set up your operations in Montenegro?

        Like a Bird offers a One-stop service for relocating or setting up your operations in Montenegro. Feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation below, so we can create a plan for you and prepare a package offer.

          Can we help you set up remote business operations?

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            Do You Need Other Services?

            Resident and Working Permits

            We provide full service for your relocation to Montenegro:

            • Resident and working permits
            • Digital nomad residence
            • Resident permits for property owners
            • Permanent residence

            Company          Registration

            We are your one-stop shop for company registration in Montenegro:

            • LLC registration
            • Preparation of founding documents
            • Bank account opening
            • Virtual office address and CEO registration

            Accounting and Corporate Services

            With our partners we provide a full set of accounting and corporate services:

            • Accounting
            • Mandatory monthly and yearly tax filing
            • Workers’ registration
            • Tax advisory

            Remote Operations and Centers Set Up

            Decrease your expenses by setting up remote operations in Montenegro:

            • Customer support centers
            • Dispatch centers
            • Call centers
            • IT development centers with skilful local worforce

            Corporate Remote Work Retreats

            Set up a corporate remote work retreat in Montenegro for your team:

            • Choose a coastal or mountain retreat
            • Customize your teams’ experience
            • Work in beautiful surroundings
            • Unique team-building experience

            Long-Term Accommodation Rentals

            Depending on your preference, we are offering short and long-term rentals:

            • Apartments
            • Houses with backyards
            • Long-term hotel accommodation
            • Select your property remotely via video service

            Virtual and Real Office Rent

            We are offering a vast choice of offices and co-working spaces:

            • Virtual office address
            • Co-working spaces
            • Fully equipped office spaces of various sizes
            • Conference and meeting venues

            Montenegro Tours and Exploring

            We are offering various tours to explore and get to know Montenegro:

            • Sightseeing
            • Active tours – hiking, biking, canyoning, sailing, etc.
            • Wining and dining
            • Travel companions

            Long-Term                    Rent-a-Car

            You can count on us to offer you long-term vehicle rent:

            • Bikes
            • Motorbikes and scooters
            • Various cars, depending on your preferences
            • Vans and minivans